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The attorneys Ursula Sintzel and Dr. Markus Krapf run an office community at Stampfenbachstrasse 42 in 8006 Zurich. They act individually in their own name and on their own account for their respective clients and do not form a partnership. Each one of them is exclusively responsible individually to his or her clients. They are not responsible for each other.

The delivery of messages or documents, be it electronically or in writing, does not establish an attorney-client relationship. An attorney client-relationship is only established once the respective attorney has explicitly accepted the mandate.



For technical reasons communication by e-mail is neither safe nor confidential. Sintzel Krapf Lang Attorneys at Law cannot ensure compliance with the attorney-client privilege if contacted by e-mail. Communication by e-mail is done at one’s own risk and authorises Sintzel Krapf Lang Attorneys at Law to communicate by e-mail as well, as long as no explicit manifestation of intent stating the contrary is given. Sintzel Krapf Lang Attorneys at Law regularly check incoming e-mails; however, they do not guarantee a timely handling of e-mails. E-mails sent to us do not establish compliance with deadlines and periods.

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